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Academic Affairs / Provost

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University Policy Library: Academic Policies & Procedures

The University Policy Library: Academic Policies & Procedures is the official electronic repository for academic policy. The intent of this web page is to familiarize faculty with academic policies to help departments and faculty successfully pursue teaching, research, service, and administrative activities.

The Board of Governors is the designated body with the statutory power to adopt rules and regulations for the University of Central Missouri. The Board of Governors Policy Manual, UCM Procedures and Guidelines, and the Human Resources Procedures Manual have precedence and govern over Academic Policies & Procedures, as well as college and departmental manuals or similar documents. The University reserves the right to change or delete any provisions as deemed necessary.

Questions concerning the content and interpretation of Academic Policies & Procedures may be directed to the deans, department chairs, or the Office of the Provost.

Alphabetical Listing

Academic Advisement

Academic Council

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Policy Processes

Additional Costs for Courses

Adjunct Faculty

Availability of Faculty Who Teach Classes (Office Hours)


Certificate Program Approval Guidelines

Class Attendance

Classroom Control

Commencement - Faculty Role

Coordination of Surveys through the Office of Institutional Research

Department By-Laws and Internal Governance

Department Chairs

Dual-Credit Faculty

Electronically Delivered Course Guidelines

Entrepreneurial Offerings

Evaluation of Faculty, Department Chairs, Deans and Provost


Extended Studies Special Projects Variable

Faculty Compensation & Formulas

Faculty Meetings

Faculty Senate

Field Trips


Grading System

Graduate Faculty


Human Subject Review

Intellectual Property Rights Policy - Rescinded December 12, 2017. Refer to BOG 3.1.020

International & Domestic Study Tour Guidelines

Internship Standards

Joint Accelerated Degree Programs

Leaves and Absences

Market Discipline Designation

Off-Campus Delivery of Academic Programs

Professional Enhancement

Program Advisory Boards

Promotion and Tenure:  Academic Freedom, Promotion Policy, Eligibility

Promotion and Tenure:  Tenure Policy, Contracts, Probationary Period

Promotion and Tenure:  Timeline and Procedures

Promotion and Tenure:  The Promotion and Tenure Dossier

Promotion and Tenure:  Appendices

Promotion and Tenure: College Guidelines

Provost’s Council

Recording Devices


Responsible Conduct of Research

Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity

Staff Plan Guidelines

Student Academic Appeal Procedures

Student Records

Student Technology Fee Procedures


Teacher/Professional Education Governance

Teaching Workload Guidelines




Matrix mapping FY17 Academic Policy to Faculty Guide

Five-Year Proposed Review Schedule

2015 to 2018 Policy Reviews and Updates


Policy Training Videos

     Policy 101 An Introduction

     Policy 201 Policy Development

     Policy 301 Policy Review